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Raul (Curly) Estremera é um sexagenário, veterano activista pela paz, que se juntou a uma manifestação por Oscar Grant III, um negro abatido a tiro pelas costas pela polícia em Oakland, EUA, no dia 1 de Janeiro deste ano. Ao regressar a casa foi preso por engano (?) e espancado pela polícia de Hayward apesar de se encontrar doente.

Raul é poeta, antigo preso político, membro do Labor Action Committee to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal e coordenador do Comité de Solidariedade com Cuba e a América Latina.

Em baixo o seu poema sobre os assassinatos mais recentes às mãos da polícia.


That terrible nine millimeter sound-
with hollow point bullets strewn all around.
And Amadou Dialo WAS DEAD before he hit the ground.
A life- snuffed out in the wink of an eye.
Then the killers went free, while a mother cried.

Forty one shots and nineteen hits!

Oscar Grant the third
Whose young voice will never be heard?
Because of a coward, and racist RAT.
Who put a bullet INTO HIS BACK
Then took his hate, along on his flight.

But throughout days and half the night
The people raged and took up the fight.

A community’s pain, and struggle, so well invested.
That Johannes Mehserle was finally ARRESTED .

But the struggle it seems was to no avail.
When a racist judge granted him bail.
But don’t worry good mothers, lets remain as ONE
Because our struggle for his justice, has only begun.

So don’t stop the March, or n either the rally
till the whole group of that night will face the tally.
We have marched it seems throughout our history
But the year 09 will see us through victory.

Forty one shots and nineteen hits!

Abner Louima, dancing to the rhythm of a third world beat.
Stepped out of a club, and onto the street.
Was suddenly arrested and brutalized,
Then after the beating was—SODOMIZED
And this heinous crime was done by who?
You guessed it my people- the punks in blue.

Forty one shots and nineteen hits!

Patrick Dorismond, MURDERED and put to rest,
By New York’s finest, Ghouliani’s best.
Thousands came to join the family
To pay their respects in peaceful harmony.
The police then attacked them –WOE AND SHAME
But the people responded with some of the SAME.
They burned the flag and overturned barriers.
Then policemen responded with personnel carriers.
But the people united and had their way.

And so the cops learned that dreadful day,
What even Al Sharpton would have to say-
Not to mess with the people when they come out to pray.

Forty one shots and nineteen hits!

To the murderers in blue, hear my accusations:
You serve as the soldiers of the ruling class,
But your days are numbered, and your killings passed
Cause it’s time for the people to whip some ass.

We’ve seen you murder workers and persons of color.
Destroyed Native people and other cultures.
Then laid claim to some eagle,
When you’re really vultures.

Forty one shots and nineteen hits

To the people in the audience I’m here to say:
Will you heed my message or turn instead.
Go back to your computer and live in your head.
Just shooting them dead

There’s only one way to clear the confusion,
And one clear path to a sound solution.
We’ve tried everything else
Why not revolution!
Why not revolution!
Why not a revolution
Within yourself!

Forty one shots and nineteen hits!


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